Booking travel using credit card points and/or airline miles can result in significant savings over the published airline fares. Many Businesses, corporations and business travelers earn an abundance of airline miles and credit card points. We have an agreement with these entities to use these miles. Upon your request one of our travel experts search for the best available travel arrangements using mileage. If availability is found and an agreement is made, we will book travel resulting in up to 70% savings for you.

In most cases they are refundable however the airlines charge fees to cancel or change these flights.  In addition there may be $250.00 fee charged by Luxury Class Travel for any cancellations and most changes to itineraries after the tickets have been issued.   Of course your travel consultant will let you know what your options are prior to booking any tickets.

We accept all major credit cards including, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  In addition we accept checks, ACH and wires.

Yes.  In many instances the airlines allow us to put a hold on a ticket for 24 hours, however each airline has a different policy so please discuss with your travel consultant regarding holds on each itinerary.